Is it time to take back control of your own life? Do you have a dream or a beautiful idea that you would like to realize?
With personal coaching you will discover that you have much more possibilities than you are aware of now. That you can achieve what you desire with less effort and more fun. You will see where you unnecessarily run into old limiting patterns and learn how you can let go.
It is usually very surprising what new perspectives come out of this. It clarifies, refreshes and gives new energy. And yes, sometimes you have to overcome a bump, but with the tools I offer you, you will certainly succeed!



There are moments in your life when you notice that something starts to itch or to wring. That you get signals from your body or from your environment that it is time to adjust, perhaps to make new choices.

We live in a time when the world is changing faster and faster, and with that constantly demands new qualities from us. Sometimes this can be overwhelming. We can no longer think and act from our natural strength. We end up in our trap behavior, actually our old survival mechanisms. Usually this unconscious behavior leads us into a downward spiral and exactly to what we do not want.

With personal coaching you will see where you get stuck in an old story. In an inspiring way you will develop the skills and resilience to grow into the new story that fits you completely.



With me, coaching is transformational. Instead of trying to ‘fix’ something or looking for an immediate ‘solution’ you start to see that this situation has something to tell you about what is really important to you. It is also a form of coaching that brings you into contact with deeper, often unconscious layers. You will see where you possibly unconsciously sabotage yourself and keep repeating the old story. By recognizing this you can make conscious choices based on who you really are, without all the obstacles.

Change is rarely easy, the known often does not feel comfortable, but is still your comfort zone. Overcoming your own resistance or that of others is part of it. The beauty is that in doing so you also build up extra strength, which you can put to good use in the future.

At the end of the coaching a new world will open for you. You are ready to live a whole new story. You get control and ownership over your choices and that is immediately visible in everything. It can once again revolve around what you really find important. For many people these are values like being yourself, fun, connection with others, adding value, creativity, unconditional love, etc. For you it is important that you remember again what your own values are and who you want to be in this life.


Coaching Ineke Bueno


Leadership, contrary to popular belief, is not about “being the boss,” but about being able to provide a perspective for others, allowing them to follow.

It may be that something needs to change to make room for a healthy future, that the status quo needs to be broken. The right people need to be found, inspiration and motivation are needed to get things going and to get people to the finish line, etc. Each phase of such a process requires a different form of leadership. Developing these qualities, leadership development, requires attention, time and especially awareness. Some qualities are even diametrically opposed to each other, which creates fields of tension. In the personal coaching you learn to deal with these tensions and to lift your leadership to a new level.

Last year I followed an individual coaching program with Ineke to recognize and use my leadership qualities. Through these sessions I became aware of how much potential lies within you that needs to be recognized by yourself in order to use it. The sessions were intensive, but at the same time a party because of the handles and tools that I could immediately apply to my work and private situation, so that my life is in balance. I am able to shape my work more efficiently and to use my surroundings in a positive way. These sessions are highly recommended when you want to invest in yourself. ‘
Renske Veenema


A coaching program should completely fit the need that you have right now. Do you want to solve an urgent problem in a short time? Or do you want to work intensively on something for a longer period of time? Is it about your personal development? Or are there also leadership issues to consider? Of course we can always design a tailor-made program in consultation with you!
There are several possibilities for coaching, both online and at my office in Hilversum. There is also the opportunity for walking coaching in nature, usually this will be at the Hoorneboegse Heide in Hilversum.

An online Talent & Motives assessment with the Odin Development Compass can be a nice addition to the coaching sessions. It offers a clear map of your natural talents, your pitfalls and your undiscovered potential.

On the page Coaching Packages you can see for yourself which personal coaching suits you at this moment and request an intake by phone.