Connecting the dots looking backwards

Each one has their life story, which as it forms makes it more and more clear why you do what you do. As Steve Jobs said, “You can only connect the dots looking backwards”.

I am Ineke Bueno and from an early age I often had the feeling that I had ended up in a game that did not suit me. With rules that everyone took for granted, but where I always wondered what the purpose of the game was.

I ended up in a split. I wanted to add value together, share experiences, be connected. But to be allowed to play a role I often had to conform in such a way that I had to do things that no longer suited me. After all, the status quo was fine the way it was? Everyone had worked so hard to achieve it, so I should not come up with proposals to go in a different direction. The message I received implicitly was all too often: don’t think for yourself, just do what we say.

The rebel in me

And then a rebel quickly rises up in me and I am the louse in the fur. I have been in conflict with many a boss because I asked awkward questions and could not resign myself to simply doing what was asked. In short, I have an authority problem. However, because I was unable to channel this energy in the right direction, to deploy it in an effective manner, it has for a long time, apart from a mountain of juicy anecdotes, provided me with little and, above all, cost me a lot.

The trigger that awakens the rebel in me is often about how people are treated. Is what we do really people-worthy, with respect and with an eye for the potential and value of everyone. Or are people reduced to things or numbers because it is easier economically, politically or for other reasons. The gap between the beauty I see in nature, of which humans are a part, and the way we so often treat the planet, each other and ourselves on a day-to-day basis concerns me.

From rebellion to leadership

There always comes a moment when the pain is so great that I have to take action. But taking action does not mean that the action is effective. To be able to have more positive impact, I started to study leadership and to focus my coaching more and more on supporting others in developing their leadership. This is based on the idea that I can achieve more by supporting as many others as possible in creating beautiful and effective projects, rather than focusing on the design of a single project.

I get the most energy from the (potential) leaders who dare to be stubborn, who want to turn their frustrations into actions that can improve the world a little and who are looking for the tools to do so. I call them changemakers.
It is these changemakers who have good innovative ideas, but encounter a lot of resistance in their own environment. Taking distance from this old environment often makes them lonely, they go it alone. Many feel like a voice in the wilderness, while this does not have to be the case.

As a leadership coach I can give inspiration and tools to those who have the courage to stand up for their values and ideas. With this they can grow into the powerful leader they want to be within their field of play and have the impact they envision. In this way they not only develop themselves, but to a large extent their environment as well. Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do!

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