You may have been feeling it for some time. Something itches or wriggles. You long for more energy, more joy, a life that fits you more, is an expression of who you are.

Gradually, you can no longer ignore the signs; it is time for change. We often experience that which is no longer right in our outer world. If only that organization, that boss or colleague, your partner or even society would change then life would be a lot better.

However, all those signals have an important message for you! If you dare to look at what is really going on, you can break old patterns and organize your life and work in such a way that you can achieve what is really important to you with more pleasure and less effort. This is what transformation is all about.
As a transformation coach, I invite you to start recognizing what your own role is, where you are unconsciously sabotaging yourself, so that you can start making conscious choices and give yourself more and more space to be yourself. Because that is precisely where your energy and your talent is!

You get to work on your leadership, your personal development.
You will see that it is enormously surprising what new perspectives come out of this.

And yes, sometimes you have to get over a bump in the road, but with the tools I provide you with, you will definitely succeed!


That everything changes is a natural thing. Each time we go through another cycle of building, flowering, breaking down and transformation. We then literally grow into a new form of ourselves. When we are willing to accept that the old is disappearing and explore what is still unknown, we discover that we truly have unprecedented possibilities.

However, we live in a time when the world is changing faster and faster, and thus asking quite a lot of us. All these changes can be overwhelming and gnaw at our sense of security. Instead of moving along smoothly, we sometimes struggle to handle the stress that is activated.
Chances are that we slip into our survival mechanisms, with emotions such as fear, sadness or anger, and can no longer think and act from our natural strengths. Instead of solving it and continuing to grow, we then make it worse.

A period of transformation requires resilience and confidence. A good (inner) compass helps steer us through turbulent times.


With me, coaching is transformational. Instead of trying to “fix” something or seek an immediate “solution,” you start to see that this situation has something to tell you about what is really important to you. So it is also a form of coaching that puts you in touch with deeper, often unconscious layers. You start to see where you may be subconsciously sabotaging yourself and repeating the old story over and over again. By starting to recognize this, you can make conscious choices from who you really are, without all the obstacles.

Change is rarely easy, the familiar often doesn’t feel comfortable, but is still your comfort zone. Overcoming your own resistance or that of others is part of it. The great thing is that in the process you also build up extra strength, which you can put to good use in the future.

At the end of coaching, a world will open up for you. You are ready to live a whole new story. You gain direction and ownership over your choices, and that becomes immediately apparent in everything. It can again revolve around what you really care about. For many people, these are values such as being able to be yourself, having fun, connecting with others, being able to add value, creativity, unconditional love, etc. For you, it is important to remember again what your own values are and who you want to be in this life.

‘The Coaching Program with Ineke has helped me see how best to focus on what I am good at and energized by. Before the track, I was very searching, I was valued in my work, but not everything I did made me really happy. I also wanted to mean more, more of a direction or ambition to live up to. After the sessions with Ineke, I have become increasingly aware of the impact I can have on a group. Have I realized what makes me strong in this, which are sometimes things that I took for granted, because it didn’t cost me energy. Now I see that that is precisely my strength, that you can fuel change with that. It also helped me cut knots, to stop doing tasks that didn’t energize me. My career is taking shape now, I know better and better which way I want to go and where my ambition lies.
Anne Nienhuis, agile coach & facilitator of educational innovation
‘Ineke’s way of coaching I would describe as wise and light-hearted. Wise in the sense of much knowledge and good intuition to see and interpret patterns in a larger framework. Airy in the tools and insights she offers to break patterns.
That combination helped me take another step in my personal development and leadership.
Annelies Riteco


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The One Day Retreats Break Free!, Create! and Change the Game! are completely designed to get you off to a good start.
Relaxed, with lots of inspiration and new insights, you will go home at the end of the day.
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About 20 years ago, I could no longer deny that something had to change. I was trying SO hard to keep all the signs in the air and meet the expectations of others. And rarely did I feel it was enough.

The wake-up call came from my body, which no longer wanted to cooperate with what I had come to consider “normal”: getting through the day with packs of paracetamol in my pocket. I was literally sinking through my legs. All the signals in the time before that I had ignored. Now I had to listen to what my body, apparently from a deeper wisdom, was telling me: “What are you doing? Why are you denying yourself and your talents? I was stunned that this inner voice came through so clearly.

With unstoppable curiosity, I devoured everything there was to learn and read about our mind-body connection and about that special phenomenon called “consciousness . A world opened up to me in the fields of neuroscience, psychology, wisdom traditions, etc. I decided to shift my course dramatically to express what I feel this life is really about: connection with ourselves, with others and with the magic of the greater whole.

My own transformation process led to my practice as a transformation coach so that I can pass on all the knowledge and wisdom I have accumulated over the years to others. We have so much more potential at our disposal when we are truly true to who we are at the deepest level. I grant the riches of this to everyone!