Maybe you too are a strong, intelligent, intuitive woman who is far from reaching her full potential? But a real ‘high growth potential’?

Many women quickly feel compelled to conform to all kinds of expectations from management, home front or ’the system’. Instead of taking space for what they feel is important, they often fail to stand up for themselves and their ideas. If their qualities are not appreciated enough, this can lead to restlessness, frustration, loss of energy, and sometimes burnout. There is a good chance, however, that you are also up against your own ‘inner glass ceiling’.

That what you intuitively feel is really about something! The renewal you long for is even very important. Deep inside you probably know what your talent is really about, what you have to do, even though it may still be unconscious. If you give space to this you will be very happy and at the same time you will make your greatest contribution to this world.
Right now we can use all your talent and all the positive energy it contains only too well. After all, we live in a special time. A time where we face many complex problems and where all those feminine qualities are extremely valuable to find new solutions. These times also offer incredible opportunities. Thanks to today’s technology, we have access to endless resources to accomplish our purpose. And connecting with others around the world has never been easier.

In the Sparks women’s leadership coaching groups, you can discover what your qualities are and how to best use them. You can realize what is important to you, what you may have been longing for years.
You will not only be coached yourself, but you will also learn a lot from the other women in the group. You share with them the insights, experiences and inspiration. And that is contagious!


Sparks is a community of female changemakers. Women who see the urgency and the possibilities for change that we ourselves can put into action to make the world a better place to live in. A world that is sustainable in every way, where we respect each other and support and encourage each other to get the best out of ourselves. It is when we look for each other in this, when we do it together, that everyone comes into their own.

Coaching groepen - vrouwelijk leiderschap - sparks


In this Female Leadership coaching group you will discover what is really important to you and how you can achieve it! This can be in all kinds of areas of your life: your work, relationship, health, income, meaning, self-confidence, creativity, etc. If you start working in one of these areas, you will see that a chain reaction arises and that other areas grow along with it.
Often it is our own inner glass ceiling that we are up against, even without us noticing it. You will learn how you can coach yourself out of these limiting patterns at all times and have full access to your wisdom, creativity, energy and joy.
Because everyone in the group will be coached, you will also learn from the process of the others. You share experiences with each other and will undoubtedly recognize a lot in each other.

Interested in a Women’s Leadership coaching or mastermind group?


This Mastermind group provides you with everything you need to make that idea or project you’ve been running around with come true! You never have to doubt anymore about what your talent is and what you can do with it. It’s time to start using your Feminine Leadership to the fullest!
With the provided coaching and tools, you will clear all your limiting patterns and make huge leaps in your knowledge and leadership skills.
You share experiences, are each other’s most fanatic supporter and of course you have a lot of fun together.

Step by step your project or idea will take shape, don’t be surprised if you end up going much further than you ever thought 🙂

Coaching Ineke Bueno

For rates of participation in Sparks Coaching Groups see Coaching Packages page.

The coaching program with Ineke has helped me to see how I can best focus on what I am good at and what gives me energy. I was appreciated in my work, but I wasn’t happy with everything I was doing. I also wanted to mean more, to have more of a direction or ambition to realize. After the sessions with Ineke I became increasingly aware of the impact I can have on a group. I’ve realized what makes me strong in this, these are sometimes things that I took for granted because they didn’t cost me any energy. Now I see that that is precisely my strength, that you can stir up change with it. It has also helped me to make decisions, to stop doing tasks that didn’t give me energy. My career is taking shape more and more; I know better which way I want to go and where my ambition lies. ‘
Anne Nienhuis, agile coach & facilitator educational innovation


That the more feminine values are important for how we shape our future has meanwhile also been widely demonstrated scientifically. Not only women may give their intuitive sense of what is right much more space, but certainly men as well! We are due for an update of our social operating system, especially now that we are dealing with so many complex issues. There is much to be gained if we restore and prioritize values such as creativity, imagination, connection, compassion, empathy, kindness, flexibility, long-term thinking, loyalty and care. If we dare to follow our hearts more.
From an early age, however, this is not what we are taught. We learn to adapt to the linear process where we have to “become” something instead of relying on all that we already have within us.